Day’s Happenings at BLPS



Dear Parents, Students Studying in Std IV were actively engaged in 100 M Sprints & 200 M Hurdles, this Morning. These short competitive Sprints at the top of the day rejuvenate the young Students. – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.
Result of Track & Field – Grade- IV:
100 M (Boys)• Ekamdeep• Dhruv• Kumar Dibyanshu Jena
100 M (Girls)• Avika Gupta• Samayra Gupta• Dhwani
Medicine Ball Throw (Boys)• Devagya• Ekamjot• Mridul Anand
Medicine Ball Throw (Girls)• Raavi• Avika Gupta• Jasleen
200M Hurdles (Boys)• Ekamdeep• Aditya• Dhruv
200M Hurdles (Girls) • Dhwani• Ripandeep



Dear Parents, Our Students studying in GradeVIII participated in the Annual Inter Section Basket Ball Contest 2021, held on Dt: 15-09-2021. Our Students have developed skills of shooting well, dribbling, prompt passes and jumping ,Grade VIII C beat B ( 24-19 ) to win the contest. Chirag Singh was adjudged Man of the match.- Dr. Ekta Dhawan, Principal.

HandbS2Dear Parents, Our Students Studying in Grade VII A,B & C participated in Annual Intra Section Throwball Contest Dt: 15-09-2021 Grade VII C won the match by 2-0. Dev was adjudged Man of the Match for his agility, coordination & sportsmanship conduct on the Pitch. – Dr. Ekta Dhawan, Principal.



Dear Parents , Our Students studying in Grade V were actively engaged in Class Track & Field contest Dt: 14-09-2021. our School’s athletics program is aimed at developing an interest in students & to become self motivated – striving to become strong athletes growing into students who persevere , prepared to continue their competitive athletic experience in University – Dr. Ekta Dhawan, Principal..
Result of Track & Field Events of Grade- V
200 Meter (Boys)
• Pavdeep • Yash Kumar• Harjot
200 Meter (Girls)
• Yashi• Namandeep Kaur• Ananya
Throw Ball (Boys)
• Harjot• Harjot• Yash Kumar
Throw Ball (Girls)
• Gurleen• Yashi• Namandeep Kaur
Long Jump (Boys)
• Vishavjeet• Yash Kumar• Harjot
Long Jump (Girls)
• Riya• Ananya• Yashi


Dear Parents, greetings! Our Preschoolers studying in Grade Nursery Blossoms were actively engaged in ‘ Fun with Numbers ‘. Our preschoolers are excited learning outside the classroom, they probably have more space and freedom for big movements, like running, jumping, kicking and throwing. Physical activities like these are good for our young students health, fitness and physical development. – Dr. Ekta Dhawan, Principal.



Dear Parents , The 2020/21 Punjab State Awards for Teachers having high ‘ Adversity Quotient ‘ were conferred upon Manpreet Dhanjal(Academic Supervisor- Secondary ) & Neha Khanna ( Supervisor -Cocurricular programme ) both senior members of our Academic Staff, Dt:11-09-2021. Our teachers were recognised for showing initiative , genuine concern & action on ground offering support to students, families, and our entire community while keeping critical School operations working when parts of the economy had remained partly shut down. Congratulations! – Dr. Ekta Dhawan, Principal.


Dear Parents, Our kindergarteners studying in Grade KG-1Adorables were activity engaged in working on ‘ Agility Ladder ‘ young students get a sense of improving agility—in addition to strengthening their joints & ligaments. Incorporating agility ladder routine into the day by Kindergarteners is a good fitness workout. – Dr. Ekta Dhawan, Principal.


Dear Parents, Annual Inter Class Handball Competition 2021 was held at the School dt:13-09-2021. The finalists (Grade X vs XII ) displayed fine sportsmanship. We observed athleticism, endurance and power throughout the high speed contests. The game helps improve skills such as throwing and jumping. Grade XII emerged as a winners. The Player of the Match’s was awarded to Sakshi Sharma (XII Dazzlers) – Dr. Ekta Dhawan, Principal



Dear Parents & Teachers, Our School takes immense pleasure to announce that our Amritpal Kaur-Academic Supervisor ( Kindergarten ) was conferred the ‘DAV Des Raj Vadhera Best Teacher Award 2020/21’ Dt: 10-09-2021, Amritpal has been recognised as an exceptional teacher who has made an outstanding contribution to the profession as well as to shine a spotlight on the important role teachers play in society. In this age of COVID, she led her team having shown great courage to keep preschoolers actively engaged ensuring their mental balance. Congratulations! – Dr. Ekta Dhawan, Principal.



Dear Parents, our kindergarteners studying in grade KG-I Commendables look forward to lessons in the outdoors, There’s no reason why the classic game of ring toss can’t be played at School. Ring toss rules are easy enough for all age groups to play. It’s the perfect ‘early years throwing skills ‘ game. Throwing skills such as underarm throwing is a fundamental movement skill that should be practised and encouraged in the early years – great way for kindergarteners to have fun while developing those important gross motor skills.- Dr. Ekta Dhawan, Principal.



Dear School Community, School’s Board of Governors takes immense pleasure to announce that the ‘C V Raman Award 2020/21’ for outstanding performance by School Principal in Punjab was conferred on Dr. Ekta Dhawan, Principal, BLPS & Sh. Ajay Singh, Principal, Punjab Public School, Nabha. Dt: 03-09-2021 over a virtual ceremony. This prestigious award was conferred on Dr. Dhawan based on her efforts made in mentoring her Team of Teachers to successfully deliver Experiential learning ensuring active participation of the learner, When young students make, remake and tinker, it builds their excitement, confidence and engagement levels. Their conceptual clarity improves, and they improve their problem-solving and creative thinking skills, which lead to much broader and life-long benefits, even outside the sciences. Dr. Dhawan encourages teachers to cultivate a mindset to pursue experiential learning method. – Managing Trustee.


Dear Parents, Our kindergarteners ( Grade KG-1 Dazzlers) were actively engaged participating in the Turtle Trot Race today while being cheered on by their classmates. Engaging Kindergarteners in moderate to vigorous sporting activity outdoors is something they enjoy, it does wonders to regulate their metabolism. – Dr. Ekta Dhawan, Principal.



Dear Parents, Our Students, Studying in Grade VI were actively engaged in Track & Field Athletics sports this Morning, School’s routine of Running , Throwing and Jumping games for young Students are designed to help boost physical fitness levels as well as self-esteem. Track & field competition also allows our Students to exercise together through play, rather than making running feel like a dreaded PE activity. – Dr. Ekta Dhawan, Principal.
The results announced are:
200 M Sprint (Boys)
• Raghav
• Amritpal
• Akashpreet
200 M Sprint (Girls)
• Nandini
• Harnoor
• Ashima
Shot Put Throw (Boys)
• Arsh Kumar
• Yajat
• Bibekinder
Shot Put Throw (Girls)
• Tashi
• Mehar
• Ravleen
Long Jump (Boys)
• Gurekam
• Arsh Kumar
• Yajat
Long Jump (Girls)
• Khushi
• Ravleen

• Nandini



Dear Parents, Annual Inter Class Volleyball Tournament 2021 was held at the School dt:06-09-2021 The finalists (Grade IX vs X & Grade XI vs XII ) displayed fine sportsmanship. We observed athleticism, endurance and power throughout the high speed contests. Grade XII emerged as a winners. The Player of the Match’s was awarded to Sajanpreet Singh (XII-Adorables). The match Referee’s – our Sports Instructors contributed efforts towards ensuring the sports event was well managed! – Dr. Ekta Dhawan, Principal.


Dear Parents & Teachers, School taken immense pride to announce that the ‘ Collins Award for excellence in Education- 2020-21 ‘ recognising extraordinary Teachers in India was conferred upon six members on our Academic Staff Dt: 06-09-2021 Our Teachers were selected for this prestigious award for their initiatives in creating equitable learning experiences that inspire stewardship. We acknowledge that it’s been an extraordinarily challenging year for teachers and students. That’s why we believe it’s more important than ever to celebrate teachers who have continued to find ways to engage students in meaningful and equitable learning. Congratulations ! – Dr. Ekta Dhawan, Principal.
1. Ms. Amarpreet Kaur – PATH BREAKER
2. Ms. Avinash Bharti – TORCHBEARER
3. Ms. Harpreet Kaur – OUT-OF-THE-BOX THINKER.
5. Ms. Meenu was – BEACON OF HOPE




Dear Parents, Our Student Vaishnavi Garg ( Grade VIII Commendables ) participated in Annual Fit India Freedom Run 2.00 Dt: 04-09-2021.The Marathon was organised and held in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India, on the occasion of the 75th year of India’s Independence. The annual event attracted participation by 80 Students, Vaishnavi completed the marathon bagging Gold in Age group 13Yrs. – Dr. Ekta Dhawan, Principal.


KamSahDear Parents, Our Student Kamalika Arora ( Grade IX Blossoms ) participated in the Annual Sahodya ( Jalandhar ) Inter School Power Point Competition – 2021 held at CJS Public School, Jalandhar, dt: 01-09-2021. The event attracted participation by 20 contesting Schools. Our Student contested for top honours by presenting a well researched Power Point titled ‘ Experiential Teaching- A Learning Facilitator”’, She successfully bagged 2nd Position & Silver. The competition was judged on the basis of a)Content of Presentation, b)Confidence in tone and fluency in speech while making the presentation, c)Use of Graphics, Sound and Videos & Creativity and d) Quality of explanatory skills during Questioning- Dr. Ekta Dhawan, Principal.



Dear Parents, Tying their own shoes is one of those developmental milestones that parents REALLY want their pre-schooler to master. Shoe tying calls for a precise sequence of fine motor movements. Each hand is responsible for its own set of movements. The brain coordinates each hand’s sequence, while mastering the timing to ensure that each hand’s individual sequence coordinates with the other hand’s sequence. When we break it down like this it’s easier to see why Preschoolers enjoy learning this Skill! – Dr. Ekta Dhawan, Principal.



Dear Parents, Our Students Studying in Grade X, participated an exclusive Student Career Counselling Webinar Dt:30-08-2021, The Video conference was anchored by experts from PRATHAM-TEST PREPARATIONS , deliberating about suitable ‘OPTIONS’, for pursuing higher studies. The Q&A focused on choice of STREAM’S after graduating from Grade XII. The interactions were enlightening. – Dr. Ekta Dhawan (Principal)



Dear Parents, Our Student Hashit Bhathla ( Grade XII Blossoms ) qualified to participate in ‘ International Martial Arts Contest 2021 ‘ held Dt: 24-08-2021 to 27-08-2021 in Khurja , UP. The event attracted more than 300 participants contesting for Top honors in skills of ‘traditional martial Art’ forms originating from Nepal, Afghanistan , Bhutan & India . Hashit has been trained in Martial Arts (Mixed Martial Arts – 74 KG Weight Category) while at School, this is an enrichment programme that offers young students an opportunity to develop confidence and self-discipline. As a combat sport It inspires students to build the foundation for personal fitness. Our Student Bagged Top Honours with a Silver. – Dr. Ekta Dhawan, Principal.



Dear Parents, Our Kindergarteners participated in Annual Maharashtra State Drawing talent search contest 2021. The online contest attracted participation by Students studying in CBSE affiliated Schools from across India, organized by Centre for Educational Development and Research, Pune. The contestants were free to make an expression in the form of a) Drawings & b) laying out a Collage – Our Young students love working on drawings & collages as it unleashes their creativity. Kala Gaurav Art Excellence Award was conferred on our kindergartener Srisha Behl ( Grade KG-1 Commendables ) for showing advanced drawing techniques ,was adjudged top grade ‘AA ‘ The contest entry’s were judged based on criteria a) Originality:20% b) Relevance to the Expression:25% c) Visual impact/Aesthetic Display:25% d) Creativity: 30% – Dr. Ekta Dhawan, Principal.



Dear Parents, Our Kindergarteners studying in KG-I were actively engaged in Cycling activity this Morning. School propagates Cycling as an essential Skill – enhances motor , coordination skills, improves posture & importantly, kindergarteners experience Joy of INDEPENDENT mobility. Dr. Ekta Dhawan, Principal



Dear Parents, Our Preschoolers participated in ‘Paint a Thali Challenge 2021 ‘ organised by INTACH dt: 17-08-2021. Culturally as a part of our legendary food serving customs, a proper meal should be a perfect balance of all these six flavors. Therefore,idea behind a ‘Thali’ is to offer all the six different flavors of sweet, salted, bitter, sour, astringent and spicy on one single plate. Young Students were mandated to colour a ‘Thali’ as a metaphor of India being a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-religious society, celebrates holidays and festivals associated with a variety of beliefs. Ruhani Singh ( Grade- Nursery) secured Second Prize contesting this pan India challenge. – Dr. Ekta Dhawan, Principal.



Dear Parents, Our students participated in YOUNG INTACH-INDEPENDENCE DAY CHALLENGE 2021. The contestants were mandated to associate symbolism of the Indian Tri-colour with that of our existing Tangible, Intangible & Natural Heritage. Our Students,Anushka Sharma ( Grade VIII ) & Rumani Gupta ( Grade VIII ) showcased their works highlighting band of Saffron colour, indicating the strength and courage . White middle band indicating peace & Harmony. Band in green significant of fertility & Natures bounty.Anushka bagged Bronze while, Rumani was conferred a special mention certificate. Dr. Ekta Dhawan, Principal.