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We aim to stretch our able students beyond the narrow confines of exam specifications.

We have excellent facilities and the subject is delivered with a great deal of hands-on practical experience.

Beyond timetabled lessons there are weekly Chemistry clubs for Middle Wing and the Secondary Wing, where many of the experiments are chosen by the Students themselves. Senior Students take a lead role in these activities and a number act as mentors for younger students.

Participation In Science Olympiads, the School gains top honors every year in the National Competitions. All students take part in this event every year.


Biology is a rapidly developing science, very much related to the problems of modern life, and the courses we offer reflect this.

Students who study Biology through to a more advanced level are well equipped to pursue a higher qualification in Natural Sciences, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine or Forensics, to name but a few.

Our teaching staff have extensive academic experience, In addition to high academic standards, students can expect a vibrant range of extra-curricular opportunities, including museum visits and lectures. Students are encouraged to take part in the national Biology Olympiad and have enjoyed considerable success over the years.

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