The School realises that Students are more likely to connect with someone who thinks and acts like they do, rather than someone firmly identified with antiquated beliefs and processes. Even the very process of teaching has changed over the years: while education has traditionally been meant to increase the students’ comprehension of concepts and theories, it has now become more important to focus on grooming their analytical and application skills. Students must now not only study and understand concepts, but must go a step further and learn to analyze and apply them to practical situations. This vocational-centric idea of education has resulted in an extensive change in the very definition of good education.

With this changing situation, it has become important to provide teachers with the necessary training to become more effective in imparting knowledge. With the growing importance of specialization across the world, the need for better-trained teachers is also now being felt beyond both national and cultural boundaries, making the well-trained teacher an invaluable product in a highly competitive world.

BLPS has structured an extensive teacher training programme as a priority. The daily Teacher’s training capsules involved a group of 8 Teachers, this endeavour illustrates the strong, positive relationship between –well executed teacher training, enabling the teacher to deliver High level Student learning.

The Teacher training programme includes traditional teacher training capsules which enable teachers to know theories of child development, cognition and pedagogy . The training also conducts alternate route programs that cover the aspects of teaching such as classroom management .

Training Menu 2015/16

S.no When conducted /to be conducted Description of topic Benefits



Jun 1 – jun 6 To educate How to teach or educate , what is the diffrence between teaching and educating the pupil.
2. Jul 13 – jul 18 Time management Management of your work , how to track daily record,benefits of good planning.
3. Jul 20 – jul 25 Body language What is body language & its importance , how to develop good body language .
4. Jul 27 – aug 1 Speech modulation Importance of voice modulation which comprises of pace, projection, pauses,pitch and pronunciation,benefits of controlling 5 ps in speech.
5. Aug 3 – aug 8 Overcome nervousness Why do we get nervous & how to overcome it, benefits of overcoming nervousness.
6. Aug 10 – aug 15 Opening and closing a presentation How to start and end a class & its importance, do’s and dont’s of opening and closing of presentation.
7. Aug 17 –aug 22 Handling q & a How to handle q & a of varied target audience,how to prepare yourself for q & a.
8. Aug 24 – aug 29 Overcome stage fright Reason of stage fright & steps to overcome it, benefits of overcoming stage fright.
9. Aug 31 – sep 5 Class room mgt techniques – 1 Strategies to manage tough class , how to develop good class.
10. Sep 7 – sep 12 Class room mgt. Techniques – 2 Steps to manage class, do’s and dont’s of class room management .
11. Sep 14 – sep 19 A good teacher Students’ expectations from a great teacher, how do you teach and how to approach students.
12. Sep 21 – sep 26 Be a mentor Need & purpose of a good mentor, how to be a good mentor and its benefits.
13. Sep 28 – oct 3 Mentoring skill- qualities & skills of a mentor Assess the implication for the recruitmemnt of mentor, evaluate the development requirement of mentor.
14. Oct 5 – oct 10 Mentoring skill-building relationship Explain the importance of building the relationship & creating repport . How to create  rapport and maintain the rapport throughout a mentoring session,
15. Oct 12 – oct 17 Leadership skills Identify – role models. Qualities you have & don’t have. Team effort . Practice & feedbeck.
16. Oct 19 –  oct 24 Stress mgt What is stress & how to handle your body & brain when in stress.benefits of stress management.
17. Oct 26 – oct 31 Anger mgt Things that anger you & how to control it. Benefits of anger management in teaching.
18. Nov 2 – nov 7 Education system-ideal Real meaning of education,expectation from teachers, education vs childhood.
19. Nov 9 – nov 14 Education system- problems Problems of current educational system.
Utilization of education for full potential,
20. Nov 16 – nov 21 Team work How to develop team – assigning roles, approach ,benefits of teamwork .
21. Nov 23 – nov 28 Class room mgt.- great teachers Importance & usage of signs & correction techiques in class, benefits of such signs in daily class.
22. Nov 30 – dec 5 Class room mgt .& discipline – 1 Types of causes of misbehaviour, strategies & techniques  of controlling misbehaviour,
23. Dec 7 – dec 12 Class room mgt .& discipline – 2 Strategies & message conveyed in controlling class, how to be calm and compose in class and its benefits
24 . Dec 14 – dec 19 Class room mgt.& discipline – 3 Approach to manage situations – listen , acknowledge, redirect,defer,how  adoption of such approach build up a good class.
25. Jan 11 – jan 16 Social skills Relation between social & academic skills, how a teacher develops such relation among students.
26. Jan 18 – jan 23 A teacher students relation Need & development of teacher – student relation, true meaning of teacher -student relation, how a healthy relation between teacher and student change the life of student
27. Jan 25 – feb 1 Look’s aren’t everything Images power- perceived & reality, wrong notion among students about good looks, how to overcome such notion.
28 . Feb 2 – feb 9 Ideal teaching Teacher mastery in subjects & interests in students, how to involve students in daily lessons and its benefits.