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Safety & Security

Dear Parent, our School plays a versatile role in the community and hence the impacts of disasters on school are pervasive. No task is as important as creating safe learning environment for our students. We are aware about the importance and the need of being continually vigilant to ensure for safety of students and staff at the school.

Our School Safety Salient features:

  • Raising disaster awareness.
  • Structural Safety (Earthquake Resistant Buildings).
  • Facilities and Resources placed scientifically for Fire Fighting , 1st Aid & Orderly Exit.
  • Constitution and training of School Disaster Management Officer.
  • Alert mechanisms through a Siren System.
  • School Evacuation Signage's & Evacuation Drill Activity.
  • Consideration of disability and gender-based needs.
  • Annual review and disaster risk audit of School Disaster Management Plan (Building Safety & Fire Safety clearances).

The Safety and Security Department monitors and responds to all emergencies 24×7. The CCTV is in operation in school campus and is being monitored and recorded for the purposes of crime prevention / misbehaviour, the prevention from bullying, for the safety of our staff and students and for the protection of school property. This system is in operation round the clock, every day.

Our school students are subjected to a strict dress code. School takes a strong stand against drug and alcohol abuse, along with a zero tolerance policy towards bullying. A school counselor is available to assist troubled students. Common injuries are handled in-house by a full-time Nurse , whereas, illnesses are promptly communicated to the Parents. We realize that BLPS needs to be a happy and welcoming place for our students to succeed, and are always looking at ways to raise the bar and provide a memorable school experience.

The School remains protected from safety and security risks and hazards, irrespective of threats originating from internal or external sources. Peace and safety will be maintained round-the-clock. Each member of BLPS Community and employees within BLPS Campus will bear an onus of responsibility so that all the students and materials & properties of BLPS remain safe and secured.

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