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Computing encompasses three areas: information technology, digital literacy and computer science.

It is the most swiftly changing academic environment and one which directly affects students on a daily basis.

Computing is taught as a discrete subject in the Junior and Lower Schools, with an increased emphasis on computer science as students progress. Students experience a wide variety of application software, online activity and eSafety, and the principles involved in writing code. Boys develop their coding skills using a range of programming languages.


Our highly qualified teachers bring mathematics to life for our students, helping them to develop both logical thought and mental agility in problem solving, along with an awareness of the importance of Mathematics as a basis for the study of other subjects.

We provide many opportunities both to enrich our students’ mathematical understanding and to stretch our most able mathematicians. Students achieve success in mathematical competitions. We believe it is essential to increase students' confidence in using Mathematics. Older students mentor those who experience particular difficulties in their work.


From the formation of a star to the bouncing of a ball, Physics helps us to understand the universe in which we live.

Our aim is to develop in our boys scientific ways of analysing complex but everyday problems.The department’s highly qualified subject specialists enable Outside the classroom opportunity to compete in a range of competitions, which include national Physics Challenges and Olympiads.


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