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Withdrawal Procedure

Dear Parent , When a student decides to withdraw from his/her studies at School, for personal reasons, there is a procedure that the student needs to pay special attention to in order to ensure that he/she will be able to resume studies smoothly and successfully elsewhere / in another Country. Therefore, it's advised that the appended Withdrawal form is completed and submitted.

  • Parent/Guardians intending to withdraw their child / ward from the school should apply for a Transfer Certificate (T.C.) attached below.
  • The application for Transfer Certificate should be filed in by the Parent or the authorized guardian of the pupil, along with a fee of Rs. 100/- and submitted at the school reception.
  • Transfer Certificate will be issued to those students whose fees and dues have been settled.
  • Application for Transfer Certificate should be made one month prior to the desired date of withdrawal.
  • Parents who apply for a Transfer Certificate after the above specified date are liable to pay a month’s fee in lieu of the notice period.

Download Transfer Certificate Application Form

Download Withdrawal Form

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