Team of Educators

 “Our Team of  Academic Staff represents competence, skill, dedication and sincerity.”

Our Principal and her Team of Staff Members, work towards creating an awareness and respect for the tradition and culture of the region, and allow a synthesis of the best practices of other cultures for national bonding. The team strives to build a society where a child/student feels valued and develops an eminent sense of self-worth. School has a current staff strength of 120 which includes 60 teachers, 17 administrative staff members, auxiliary staff and four senior leadership team members. School attracts and retains highly qualified and dedicated staff. Amongst the teaching staff, there are 46 Post Graduate syllabus developers. 77% of our teaching staff holds a Master’s degree with 8% of them holding double Masters degrees.

A robust, transparent and accessible continuous development programme  is in place for all members of staff. The school allocates time daily to this programme on an annual basis as it believes that staff is the school’s most significant resource. The aim of the CDP is to ensure the constant upgrading of staff competencies and their alignment with international standards, a bi-annual performance appraisal system allows for ongoing review of standards and professional growth.

A collegial way of working, empathy, consistency in approach and maintaining high standards are the basic tenets of the HR practices followed at the School , which help in turn, to achieve and promote an environment of consistent high quality in learning and teaching. Staff employed at the school must meet the highest standards of responsible and respectful behaviour. A Staff Code of Conduct clearly outlines the behaviour that is expected of all staff in the performance of their duties and when interacting with wider community. Staff members are accountable to students and their families, colleagues and the wider community.

Academic Staff

KG Wing
Name of the Teacher Employee Code Designation
Ms. Amritpal Kaur  695 KG Wing Coordinator
Ms. Amarpreet Kaur  1023 KGT
Ms. Manjula Bathla  1019 KGT
 Ms. Isha Kashyap  858 KGT
 Ms. Arshdeep Kaur  887 KGT
 Ms. Anu Sagar  1087 KGT
 Ms. Ruby  1140 KGT
 Ms. Sannia Gulati  1034 KGT
 Ms. Shikha Sehgal  1123 KGT
 Ms. Harjinder Kaur  1100 KGT
 Ms. Lucky Sharma  1128 KGT
 Ms. Jaswinder Kaur  428 KGT
 Ms. Rupinder Kaur  1021 KGT
 Ms. Chand Arora  1097 KGT
 Ms. Asawari Sharma  1170 KGT
 Ms. Bharti  1167 KGT
 Ms. Mandeep Kaur  1062 KGT / PRT
PRT Staff
Ms. Yashini Chauhan 1046 Coordinator Grade I – IV, Substitution Incharge & Overall Incharge of 1st & 2nd Floor Academic Block
Ms. Nidhi Sachdeva  1011 Coordinator Grade IV – VI
Ms. Manpreet Kaur  771 PRT
Ms. Pooja Rani  1103 PRT
Ms. Mandeep Kaur  1072 PRT
Ms. Divya  1076 PRT
Ms. Amardeep Kaur  1143 PRT
Ms. Harpreet Kaur  1120 PRT
Ms. Shivani  1159 PRT
Ms. Geeta Rani 1089 PRT
Ms. Rajneet Kaushal 477 PRT
Ms. Jagdeep Kaur 953 PRT
Ms. Natasha 1141 PRT
Ms. Suman Bhandari 1129 PRT
Ms. Gurjeet Kaur 884 PRT / TGT
Ms. Archana Sekhri 1156 PRT / TGT
Ms. Avinash Bharti 971 PRT / TGT
Ms. Sonil Priya 1002 PRT / TGT
Ms. Parveen Kaushik 867 PRT / TGT
Ms. Simranjit Kaur 988 PRT / TGT
Ms. Monika Sharma 1157 PRT / TGT
Ms. Sania 1139 PRT / TGT
Ms. Harpreet Kaur 1070 PRT / TGT
Ms. Ritu Arora 1136 PRT / TGT
Ms. Shubham Bhatia 1158 PRT / TGT
Ms. Deepika Handa 1151 PRT / TGT
Ms. Shaminder Kaur 838 PRT / TGT
Ms. Arti Puri 973 PRT / TGT
Ms. Pooja Malhotra 1124 PRT / TGT
Ms. Neha Chopra 1148 PRT / TGT
Mr. Vardan 1098 Music Teacher
Ms. Gagandeep Kaur  1026 Music Teacher
Ms. Preeti Nanda  467 Art & Craft Teacher
Mr. Navneet Saini  1045 PTI/Swimming Coach
Ms. Slomi Swimming & Yoga Instructor
TGT Staff
Ms. Priyanka Malhotra  1032 Coordinator Grade VII – IX,
Ms. Neha Khanna  421 TGT – Activity Coordinator & Assembly Incharge
Ms. Pooja Gautam 837 TGT
Ms. Harleen Kaur  1066 TGT
Ms. Radha 1138 TGT –
Ms. Vandana Bhalla  972 TGT / PRT
Ms. Radhika Chawla  1094 TGT
Ms. Gurjeet Kaur  884 TGT
Mr. Harpreet Singh  898 TGT
Ms. Veena Kumari  1110 TGT / PGT
Mr. Vinod Kumar 1160 TGT / PGT
Ms. Meenakshi Shukla  1078 TGT / PGT
Ms. Poonam Sharma  1152 TGT / PGT
Ms. Harleen Kaur  1004 Dance Teacher
PGT Staff
Ms. Seema Dada   1149 Coordinator Grade X – XII
Ms. Jagjeet Kaur  899 PGT
Ms. Mandeep Kaur  1075 PGT
Ms. Nitika Monga  819 PGT
Ms. Kiranjit Atwal  944 PGT
Ms. Mandeep Kaur  1075 PGT
Ms. Srishty Sharma  878 PGT
Ms. Shweta  1073 PGT
Ms. Kiran Gill  1150 Sports Coach
Ms. Kanwalpreet Kaur  832 PGT
Mr. Hemant  1092 PGT
Mr. Gursimran Singh  1162 PGT
Mr. Simranjeet Singh  1131 PGT
Ms. Nidhi Kapoor  992 Exam Cell
Ms. Reeta Gaba  1113 PGT
Ms. Silky Sharma 928 English Instructor
Special Instructors
Ms. Manpreet Kaur Sandhu 722 Dean of Students Welfare
Administration Staff
Name      Employee Code Designation
Mr. Sanjiv Singh Bawa  682-A School Administrator
Ms. Simrita Singh  001 HR Director
Ms. Ekta Dhawan  818 Principal
Mr. Nirmal Singh  657 Records Supervisor
Mr. Parshotam Duggal  725 Hardware/ICT Incharge
Ms. Satnam Singh  1168 Accounts and Legal/Statutory Officer
Ms. Vijay Kumari  829 Accounts Officer
Ms. Spardha  1031 EA to Principal
Ms. Jaspreet Kaur  1054 Records Officer
Ms. Sarbjit Kaur  1099 Records Officer
Mr. Ashish Kumar  895 EA to Mg. Trustee
Ms. Loveena Joshi  1169 Store Incharge
Ms. Naseeb Kaur  617 Staff Nurse
Ms. Bandana Rani  1053 Staff Nurse
Ms. Satinder Kaur  823 Front Office Incharge
Ms. Rekha Verma  572 Junior Library Incharge
Mr. Avtar Singh  927 Education Instructor & Gen Supervisor
Mr. Charandeep Singh  1115 Social Media Anchor
Ms. Manjinder Kaur  1112 Senior Library Incharge
Ms. Swapna Sharma  1161 Exam Cell Assistant
Mr. Mann Singh  1125 Transport Service and Facility Supervisor
Mr. Sarvjeet Singh  651 Campus Supervisor