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  • Q1: - How is The Bawa-Lalvani School, Kapurthala different from other schools?

    Ans1: - Over the last 19 years The School has been known for its excellence in education. Its focus is on high quality teaching and learning, a broad and rich curriculum including a robust enrichment programme, diverse extra-curricular opportunities and a supportive guidance programme. The school is not highly selective yet works on the intrinsic strengths of each student to achieve the excellent academic reputation with a team of dedicated and trained teachers.

  • Q2: - What is the assessment pattern?

    Ans2:- We strictly follow the CBSE pattern for assessment of students. The assessment pattern comprises of Periodic Test I, II and III Written Tests, notebook maintenance and subject enrichment activities add to the scores of the Periodic Tests. A sound evaluation and assessment system has been designed to form an integral part of day-to-day learning and can be implemented during the normal course of teaching learning process to maximize students’ learning. In order to cater to individual learning potential, three levels of worksheets - Acceptance, Balance and Challenge are planned. The assessment manual provided is appreciative and motivating rather than critical.

  • Q3:- Do parents have a role in BLPS?

    Ans3:- Parents are our partners and we appreciate suggestions inputs and their cooperation in ensuring the success of various school activities /events. They have an important role to play for the success of any system. We would like them to collaborate with us by volunteering to help impart certain skills to our learners. We have a guest speaker program where we would like parents to share their inputs on their areas of expertise. Further, they can help by enthusiastically encouraging the quest for knowledge when their children seek information, material or guidance for their projects.

  • Q4:- What kind of curriculum do you follow?

    Ans4:- We follow CBSE curriculum. The goal of our curriculum is to open minds and break the boundaries confining learning. It caters to the needs of all types of learners, allowing them to learn at their own pace. It is interactive and experiential in its approach, providing them with a joyful learning experience. Our specialized teaching strategies and collaborative work in classrooms ensure that our children are able to think for themselves and apply their learning to real life situations.

  • Q5:- What are the co-curricular activities in the school?

    Ans5:- We ensure that sports and co-curricular activities are introduced based on the age- group of the children.

  • Q6:- Are students given homework?

    Ans6:- Homework is an integral part of teaching and serves to further reinforce what has been taught in class. Homework will be minimal and not stressful. A separate Home work Time Table is issued to each class.

  • Q7:-Does the school have a canteen on campus?

    Ans7:-The school has a canteen, where students can purchase their snacks and meals according to Canteen days.

  • Q8:- Is there any additional charge for students to undertake extra or co-curricular activities?

    Ans8:-There is no additional charge for participation in extra or co-curricular activities. It is all inclusive in the fees.

  • Q9:-Does the school have a child counsellor?

    Ans9:-Yes, the school has a child counsellor who is professionally trained to understand, empathies and discuss any problem or situation with children. All discussions with the counsellor are strictly confidential.

  • Q10:-What are the regular school timings?

    Ans10:-School timings are as follows: Summer Timings: - Kindergarten and Nursery: 8.40am to 12.20pm Classes 1 and above: 8.00am to 2.00pm. Winter Timings: - Kindergarten and Nursery: 9.40am to 1.10pm Classes 1 and above: 9.00am to 2.40pm.

  • Q11:-Does the school provide transport for students?

    Ans11:-The school has an efficient transport system in place for students who need to avail of the facility.
    Kindly refer to the “Bus Routes” page under “Admissions” bullet of the website.

  • Q12: - Does the school have boarding (residential) facilities?

    Ans12:-No, The Bawa-Lalvani School is a day school.

  • Q13:- What kind of medical facilities do you provide?

    Ans13:- We have a well equipped infirmary with qualified nursing staff at school during the working hours. Doctors are available on call.

  • Q14:-What aspects of child safety have been considered?

    Ans14:- All systems and processes are in place to ensure the safety of the child in the school premises and while in the school bus.

  • Q15:- Is your school a CBSE school?

    Ans15:- We are a CBSE school and follow the Periodic Test Assessment I, II and III pattern for the overall assessment of the child.

  • Q16:- What is the teacher student ratio in the school?

    Ans16:- The Teacher-Student ratio averages 1:25.

  • Q17:- How is the teaching faculty selected?

    Ans17:- Appropriate educational qualification, relevant experience, demonstration lesson and a rigorous interview process are the Selection criteria.

  • Q18:- How students of class XII prepared for the school leaving exams?

    Ans18:- Class XII students are provided all possible assistance by the staff. Career counseling sessions are also held to offer advice on career options available to school leaving students.

  • Q19:- What is The Bawa-Lalvani School’s approach to education?

    Ans19:- A holistic approach where students are taught the way they want to learn. Students learn by doing. Every lesson in every class is a lesson for a life time.

  • Q20:- Does the school cater to children with special needs?

    Ans20:- School provides the extra care and remedial classes for children with special needs.

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