Special Learning Strategies (DCS) And Library

DCS Training & Library

At, BLPS, being an educator is about being able to make connections with Students. In the classroom your connections with the students set the tone and the foundation for a learning environment. You could be the most knowledgeable teacher when it comes to your curriculum, but if you can’t deliver in a way that is meaningful to students and meets them where they are as individuals, they are going to have a very difficult time learning and retaining the information. Making connections with your students makes it evident that you are passionate about teaching, learning is important, and you care about them.

The Daily Intellectual Conversation Session Period ( DCS) is a learning strategy applied by Teachers available for students studying in Std 10, 11 & 12 . THE DCS assists teachers in making better connections with Students than while teaching the prescribed Academic curriculum. As the year progresses , Teachers get to know their students more, enjoy learning about them as individuals, their mindset and aptitude.

S.No Programme Title Schedule
 1. Overcoming Obstacles – By Arunima Sinha April 2017
2. Self Confidence – By Qasim Ali Shah April 2017

BLPS – Library


The library is a source of information, wisdom and inspiration. Students of all ages are encouraged to take full advantage of it to help them develop life-long skills to set their foundation in this Information Age. The Primary School has a modern automated library which holds a central position, both in location and in curriculum. Its comprehensive collection of resources is available for use by all members of the school for study, personal, recreation and relaxation purposes. Students from non-English speaking backgrounds are encouraged to maintain literacy in English and also their first language.

The library is open between 7:30am and 3:30pm on school working days. Each class has a weekly book reading session. There is a teacher librarian to assist in locating information and to borrow resources.

Borrowing books

Books may be borrowed for one week and they can be returned or changed earlier if so desired. All books must be returned before the summer vacation. Students of Reception may borrow one book at a time.

Late, lost or damaged books

In case a student is late in returning books, either a reminder sticker is put in the student diary or an overdue note is sent home. A letter asking for payment may also be sent to parents.

If a book is damaged, please return it to school so we can try to repair it. If it is beyond repair, an account may be sent home.

Students are taught how to care for books and have to follow a clear guideline on the do’s and dont’s in the library.