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Fee Structure

Fee Chargeable At The Time of Admission
For The Year 2020-21

  1. For Preschoolers (2.5 years to 3 years):-If the child is admitted in any month, the Tuition fee will be charged from that quarter onwards.
  2. Proof of Fee Receipt: :- The fees for previous quarters will be chargeable. If any parent produces the proof of the fees paid in another school for previous quarter or mentioned in the Transfer Certificate of the child, the Tuition fees will not be charged for that quarter.
  3. Fee concession for Armed Forces: - If any child belongs to Armed forces, in that case 50% concession is to be given on the Admission fees only.
  4. Admission for More than One child: - In an event wherein more than one child is seeking admission only single Admission Fee is payable w.e.f. session 2017-18. In case there are more than two then 100% Admission fee will be charged for the 1st child and 50 % for the 2nd child and no admission fee will be charged for the 3rd child.
  5. Sibling Concession:-10% Sibling concession on Tuition Fee to the second child and 20% Sibling concession on Tuition Fee to the third child.
  6. Girl Child Scholarship: - For only daughters, 20% sibling concession to the second daughter and 20% sibling concession to the third daughter will be granted in tuition fee.
  7. Schedule of Payment of School Fee For The Year 2020-21:

Click here to download Fee Booklet Leaf for 2nd Quarter (session 2020-21)

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