Behavior Policy & Its Implications

Decisions related to the 'offence level' of the nature of misbehaviour in question, shall be investigated and earmarked by the School's Disciplinary Committee. Severe level (5-6) shall be applied depending on the seriousness of the offence .For example if a student is absent without information for a day for the first time, you will apply level 1 and encourage the student to get a signed letter by Parent. On the other hand, if a student injures another willfully, School's Disciplinary Committee may apply level 4,5 or 6.

1 Absence from School Absence from school without written intimation/telephonic intimation/email to the school 1, 2
2 Bunking Classes Absence from a class or school activity without permission of the concerned teacher 3
3 Regular late arrival to school Late arrival to school for more than two days in a month 3
4 Destruction of school property Damage of the school property intentionally like smart boards, computers, fire extinguishers, etc 4
5 Disruption of Classroom Behaviour that interferes with safe and orderly environment of the class or class activity 4
6 Disrespect towards peers and adults and use of abusive language Inappropriate comment, communication or physical gestures to classmates or any other staff member (pointing finger, shouting aloud, use of words like bitch, etc, swearing or cursing) 4
7 Bullying and teasing Engaging in actions or statements that makes the individual mentally upset 5
8 Fighting leading to indiscipline in the school / classroom A confrontation with physical contact involving two or more students without harm 4
9 Fighting leading to injury A confrontation with physical contact involving two or more students with injury like bleeding of nose, fracture, etc 5, 6
10 Theft Taking or obtaining property of another without permission or knowledge of the owner 4
11 Carrying devices not allowed in the school Bringing cellphones, iphones, CD, pendrives Confiscation and 4
12 Computer /electronic communication misuse Misusing website, intranet and internet facilities. Watching inappropriate/ porn films, or scenes on computer 6
13 Carrying cash More than Rs 50 3
14 Drug Violation, including alcohol Possession or use of any inhalants or other intoxicants, alcohol or any other dangerous substance or drug 6
15 Sexual Harassment Intentional exposure to sight of private parts of body, indecent physical contact anywhere in the school premises or school bus 6
16 Fireworks or explosives Possession or use or threat to use firecrackers, smoke, flare, combustible or explosive substances or articles 6
17 Weapons Violations Possession of an object capable of causing harm or used in such a way as to cause harm to another (includes all sharp objects, guns, bullets, knives etc) 6
18 Fidgetting with another student’s uniform / clothing Touching / pulling / tearing the uniform of another child 3 to 6
19 Discouraging touch on body Touching the body of another child (other than shoulder, behind shoulder, on upper arm) 4
20 Threat to staff (verbal/physical) Expression conveyed by word or action, to a staff member, Aggressive action with physical contact directed at a staff member in school premises 5, 6
21 Defamation False statements or representations about an individual/school that harms the reputation of the individual/school 4
22 Cheating/ Academic dishonesty Copying / altering records 4
23 Discrimination Use of race, color, creed, national origin, religion, physical or mental disability, age, gender, physical traits as a basis for treating another in a negative manner 3
24 Bus Misbehavior Any violation of the behavior policy in the Bus (refer to 6,7,9,10,11,15,16,17,18,19,22,24,26 in behavior policy) 4 to 6
25 Gambling Wagering money or property, selling or buying articles, paying for any work 4
26 Dress Code Violation Wearing clothing or mode of dress that attracts undue attention 5
27 Obstinate Behaviour Showing unpleasant gesture, turning back on teacher. 5
28 Harassment Making drawing /caricatures of teachers ,students 5

1 Verbal Warning
2 Note on student’s diary by the class teacher and countersigned by the parents.
3 Parent /Teacher/Counsellor/Student meeting with the coordinator /Supervisor. Parents and students apprised of consequences.
4 Report to the Principal for Investigate action by the discipline committee and written intimation to parents.
5 Suspension for a period
6 Permanent Expulsion


  1. The above policy will stand applicable in school premises and school bus.
  2. A motivational nudge / pat in the school is required sometimes for increasing the confidence of the student. It may be considered appropriate for the benefit of the child.
  3. Unsolicited calls or messages or communication on any platform/ devices, also use of un-parliamentary speech while interaction with (other than official communication without use of any un-parliamentary words) made to any employee of the school, gratification/ bribe offered to any employee of the school in cash, kind or quid pro quo will not be accepted by the school authorities.