Q1: When shall School reopen?


Q3: Measures to keep COVID 19 infection at bay

Q4: We cannot pay the fee as per schedule, due to our present financial condition?

Q5: Do I need to have a ZOOM Account to have access to the classes conducted on ZOOM Application?

Q6: Are Lessons taught vide Zoom Secure?

Q7: Remote online Learning Plans in an event of elongated stay home

Q8: What does the near future hold in context to Academics?

Q9: Does the school have any Student Support Services?

Q10: How will parents become aware of child’s progress during OCL?

Q11: How do I ensure physical, mental health and well-being of my child during these stressful times?

Q12: What safety measures should I adopt while my child is at home all the time?

Q13: How can I contribute to teaching and learning of my child during this time?

Q14: What points should I keep in mind to maintain a balance between Online/Offline Activities of my child?

Q15: Are the teachers accessible easily for students who may need extra help?

Q16: What are the free e-learning resources available?

Q17: Is any Financial Assistance available  in the form of delayed / staggered  Payment of School Fees ?

Q18: Learning plan for the student during Covid 19

Primary Academic Calendar Part 1

Primary Academic Calendar Part 2

Upper Primary Academic Calendar Part 1

Upper Primary Academic Calendar Part 2

Secondary  Academic Calendar Part 1

Higher Secondary Academic Calendar Part 1

Q19: Supplementary material to enhance moral values and communication skills

Q20: Helpline numbers for Academic Learning Support

Q21: Stress management guide with practical skills to help cope with stress during COVID-19?

Q22: Proper Way for Children to Wear face Masks ?