Daily Happenings at BLPS



Dear parents, School organises Olympiads as an integral part of Academic & Co-Curricular curriculum through the course of the Term.The Olympiads (I.Q. Olympiad and SST Olympiad) are a platform that challenge Students Imaginations. Five students received certificates and trophies for their outstanding performances in the Olympiads, during the School assembly this Morning. Congratulations! -Ekta dhawan, Principal.


Dear Parents, Our MUN) ( Model United Nations )Team consisting of 13 students assisted by Ritika Rana (PGT) participated in the MUN conference held at Police DAV School ,Jalandhar ,Dt:12-10-18 to 14-10-18. The MUN conference attracted participation by 500 delegates from Schools all over India.Students were divided into committees and each student represented a particular country. The four committees were Punjab Vidhan Sabha( Topic – Congress Government, And referendum 2020, Khalistan), All India Political party meet( Topic-Uniform Civil Code), Committee of Status for women(Topic- Gender equality), United Nation Human Rights Council(Topic- Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar). Khuaish Marria of Grade IX of (Punjab Vidhan Sabha committee)received Highest Commendation Award and Divam Gupta of Grade X of ( All india Political party meet committee) received special mention award. -Ekta Dhawan, Principal


Dear Parents, Students Studying in Std VI-A along with Simranjeet Kaur,Form tutor practiced Yoga at the Top of the Morning,at School today. Students worked on their body-through asanas & more importantly worked on BREATHING in a proper manner. Students experience rejuvenation-physically and psychologically. The Lesson was conducted by Manpreet Lamba, Yoga Teacher. – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.




Dear Parents, Our Kindergartners, studying in KG-I , assisted by their respective form tutors Jyoti, Suchika and Jaswinder put together an amazing set of performances at a Special Assembly on dt 13-10-18 . The showing consisted of a Theater performance titled ” Save Forests “, a ballet Dance, look into means of transport, & a barbie dance . The Parent audience at the special Assembly were welcomed by kindergartners singing a rendition of song titled ”We gather here to tell you on this very special day”. -Ekta Dhawan, Principal


Dear Parents, Students of grade IX Blossoms visited Camra Gardens, Kapurthala to render their services as a part of the IAYP ( Duke of Edinburgh ) award programme , this morning. The students planted saplings (Ficus Plant) ,thereafter, took on the task of cleaning the park by picking up all the litter and consigning the same into garbage Bins. Social service for the community helps sensitize our Students towards the cause and enhances their awareness about conservation of the environment . Importantly, helps Students build confidence, resilience & skills for work. -Ekta Dhawan, Principal

12-10-2018 ReadDO12

Dear Parents, Students studying in VII Commendable assisted by Neha Khanna ,engaged in a weekly Reader’s Digest reading routine outdoors , dt 12-10-18. The article selected for reading by the students from October issue of RD was titled ‘ fight with the world for a reason’, the read was followed by a meaningful Question/Answer session about, how to value each individual and not disagree aimlessly. Simply reading by young Students is one of the best things for his or her education. – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.


Dear Parents, Our kindergartners are “Pilots of the day” , extending a welcome at the School Gate at the start their day , offering greetings to everyone with a handshake and a smile. This simple routine & gesture has inculcated confidence and has improved the interpersonal relations amongst young Students. -Ekta Dhawan, Principal.



Dear Parents, Our students studying in Std: VIII Commendables have been engaged in developing ENTREPRENEURIAL skills Dt: 11-10-2018, while managing the ‘ Students Popcorn Studio’ , offering their services within the School Campus during break time. Students process in Hygienic conditions and market their produce at a designated station. The Student volunteers supported by Jagdeep Kaur (PGT) are entirely responsible for the activity. This activity is directed at developing confidence and overall personality. – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.


Dear Parents, Our diligent group of students studying in Std VIII A ( Participants in the School’s Entrepreneurship programme ) assisted by Veena Salwan( TGT ) celebrated their achievement for having exhibited consistent and good work while managing a Popcorn production facility. The Students celebrated their Success over a Lunch treat at ‘Dubai Bakers’ , today. This is an initiative to inculcate Entrepreneurship spirit at a young age & develop an ability to identify opportunities and create value in them. – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.



Dear Parents, Our Students studying in Std IX A participated actively in a Daily Conversation Session (DCS) this Morning. The theme of the conversation was ‘Developing a Self Identity’ , whereas the title of the interactive conversation was ” Create your own identity by firming up a point of view on any or every issue” anchored by. Qasim Ali Shah The conversation concluded with a well participated and rather interesting Q&A interaction ! – Ekta Dhawan , Principal.


Dear Parents, Students Studying in Std VI-A escorted by their Form Tutor Pooja Bhagat visited the Jang – e – Aazadi Museum this Morning. While photography was prohibited inside the Museum. Our Students were absorbed in understanding the independence movement to the present day, exploring how peace movements have influenced perceptions of conflict from the major exhibits on display – from conscientious personalities to Historic marches, Students learnt that the Struggle for Peace is a treasure of stories of passionate people over the past hundred years approx. and how they endured while voicing their cause through Non – Violence ! – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.


Dear Parents, Students studying in Pre Nursery accompanied by their form Tutor Isha ,went on a nature walk on dt 10-10-18. They walked about to observe the beauty of Nature. They observed the Flowers, their Colours, Leaves & Trees. The Pre Schoolers were particularly enchanted to hear Birds chirping. – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.


Dear Parents, School Athletics Team – Arman Kaur grade VIII participated in the Block II Kapurthala Distt. (under14) Inter School Athletics Competition 2018, held at Guru Nanak Stadium on dt 5-10-18. Arman Kaur secured 1st position in High Jump, 2nd position in 100m Sprint and 3rd position in 200 m sprint. Athletics is the quickest way for students to develop a strong Self Discipline , Physical & Emotional wellness and most importantly motivate their persistence and drive for success.Congratulations! – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.


Dear Parents, Our School participated in the Annual Sahodaya Inter School Dry flower arrangement Competition – 2018 held at Guru Nanak Prem Karamasar Public school, Bholath, Nadala dt 6-10-18. The Competition attracted participation by 21 Schools, all competing for Top Honours at the contest. Our Students Khusleen(Std IX) & Kashvi(Std IX) bagged 2nd position/ 1st Runner up at the contest ! -Ekta Dhawan, Principal.


Dear Parents, Students studying in Grade X Adorables assisted by Ritika Rana (TGT) put up a Special performance at assembly this Morning. The theme of the performance was titled ‘ World Post Office Day’ – 9th October marks the anniversary of the creation of the Universal Postal union. The performances included a role play to apprise the values of letter writing . An informative quiz was presented in the assembly to enhance the knowledge about the unique postal systems prevalent before the invention of the Fax & Internet ! – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.


Dear Parents, Students Studying in Std IX practiced Rifle Shooting . The Students have been learning about control over the breathing cycle and are being introduced to “respiratory pause.” with an objective to attain accuracy. The Rifle Shooting lessons were anchored by Sgt. R. Bagga & Capt. D. Singh. -Ekta Dhawan, Principal




Dear Parents, Students Studying in Std IX-C presented the morning assembly , today .The assembly was dedicated to a theme ‘ Hygiene & Cleanliness ( Swaachta ). The Students put up a Theatre performance titled ‘स्वच्छता, भक्ति से भी बढ़कर है’ , followed by Hindi rendition of a Morning Prayer. -Ekta Dhawan, Principal.


Dear Parents, Students Studying in Std VI-C practiced BHUJANGASANA & USTRASANA ( CAMEL POSE )as part of their Yoga Learning routine,this Morning. The USTRASANA Improves posture. The Yoga routine for Students is an intense and holistic exercise , focused on developing balance, strength and flexibility. The Lesson was instructed by Manpreet Lamba, Yoga Teacher. – Ekta Dhawan, Principal


Dear Parents, Our Pre-Schoolers studying in the Nursery , assisted by Archana ,Anu & Jyoti were engaged in Clay modelling activity this morning. The Pre-schoolers explored and played with clay, they were busy modelling while discovering basic forms, developing hand-brain coordination, agility and fine motor skills. – Ekta Dhawan, Principal



Dear Parents & Teachers, The 2nd Annual Students Military Conference 2018 came to a close Dt: 7-10-2018. Through the course of deliberations at the Conference an enthusiastic group of students engaged themselves in several discussions and asked questions such as a prospect of friendship between India ,China and Pakistan, combat roles for women in the military, Missile Boat Attack on Gwadar and Karachi among many others issues. Team BLPS made a strong presence and left a lasting impact at the Conference.

Dr. Bindra, Principal, Welham Boys School-Dehra Dun expressed that the primary purpose of knowing military history is not, in her opinion, in order to ‘ape’ the tactics of past commanders, but rather to use it to learn about leadership, command and the working of the commander’s mind; in short, why some leaders, in civil Society,political and military, have succeeded while others haven’t ! – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.


Dear Parents, At the Annual Military History Conference – 2018 concluding session ( Art / Painting Contest ) Divyansh Gupta ( Std 11 ) as a selected delegate painted the portrait of Sardar Bhagat Singh , theme – ‘ Sacrifice for the Nation.’ Divyansh Gupta expressed that he chose to paint a dedication to the great patriot as an inspiration and a means to instill patriotism among the younger generation. The portrait was showcased as a part of an Art exhibition at the Welham Boys School, Dehra Dun. – Ekta Dhawan , Principal.


Dear Parents & Teachers, at the conclusion of the Military History conference 2018,Team BLPS alongside Lt. General Sanjiv Langer who expressed that through the knowledge about Military History young minds shall become more informative, descriptive, inspirational, critical, educational and develop a prescriptive’ History as an interpretation of the past in which a serious attempt is made to filter out myth and legend, understanding the role of DISCIPLINE and COMMITMENT in life becomes both more demanding and more necessary! – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.


Dear Parents & Teachers, Team BLPS at the 2nd Annual Military History Conference 2018 this afternoon – alongside Dr. Gunmeet Bindra,Principal, Welham Boys’ , She mentioned that the purpose behind organizing the conference was to “get young minds thinking about various facets of the Indian military”. She said that events such as these might lead to schools even adopting military history as part of their curricula! – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.



Dear Parents, Team BLPS comprising of Gurjot Kaur, Khushi Walia, Divyansh Gupta & Anshul Gupta, mentored by Sukhbir Kaur (PGT) participated in the Annual Military History Seminar 2018, held at Welham Boys School,in Dehra Dun. The Seminar will address the development of armed forces and their different fates ever since their inception, trying grasp the lessons learned through reflection on the processes within & related to armed forces. Special attention at the Seminar shall be accorded to Students enabling the Students to understand the role of military history education in the developmental process of the armed forces. – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.


Dear Parents, Students Studying in Std 1st across to Std 7th, have been engaged in Martial Arts (Karate ) lessons in School , at the start of the School day.Karate lessons at School offer young students the opportunity to develop confidence and self-discipline. It can also inspire its participants to build the foundation for personal fitnessOne of the best things about karate as a combat sport is that every student gets an opportunity to participate and develop their skills. No one is forced to sit on the sidelines or make tryouts in hopes to score a place on the squad. The lessons are supervised by Mr. Ravinder Kumar Bagga Sports Teacher. – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.


Dear Parents, Our Students Studying in Std – VIII up to Std – X participated in an Inter School MUN ( Model United Nations ) workshop related to MUN conference at DAV School, Jalandhar Dt: 12 to 14 OCT. 2018. The Conference workshop was anchored by Samriddhi Vasan (Student Director General , Police DAV Public School Jalandhar). Our Students ( 14 ) participated in the workshop,assisted by Rittika Rana ( TGT ). Students were appraised about the rules and regulations of the conference and also the ways students can enhance their communication Skills and self confidence thereafter. – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.




Dear Parents, Students Studying in Std IX-B assisted by Shilpa Jain managed the School Assembly this Morning. The theme selected for the School Assemby was ‘ Joy in Giving & Sharing ‘ The Assembly was presided over by team of officials from ‘Goonj’ – an organization that obtains and utilises meaningfully excess urban household materials for distribution in rural areas across 23 states in the country. It aims to bring an equitable relationship of strength, sustenance and dignity between the cities and villages. The Team comprising Neena Sondhi & Anita addressed the entire Student Community highlighting the joy of living by developing a habit of generosity (Value) of giving and sharing. – Ekta Dhawan, Principal


Dear Parents, Our Pre-Schoolers studying in the Nursery Adorables assisted by Archana were engaged in handling lego blocks,this morning.There was a palpable eagerness amongst the young students while they tried building bridges and tunnels. Handling not only enhances fine motor skills but improves critical thinking & sorting. – Ekta Dhawan, Principal



Dear Parents, Students studying in Grade IX Adorables put up a Special performance during assembly this Morning. The theme of the performances was titled ‘ World Animal Welfare day’ . The World Animal welfare day was started in the year 1931 at a convention of ecologists in Florence, in Italy to highlight the plight of endangered species. The performances included a speech , a role play about ” World Wide Animal Rights as well as welfare of the Animals” ! – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.

YogaO01Dear Parents, Students Studying in Std VI-A practiced Bhujangasana (The Serpant Pose ) & Virbhadraasana ( The Warrior Pose ) as part of their Yoga Learning routine,this Morning Dt: 4-10-2018. The benefits of practicing Bhujang & Virbhadra Pose are numerous – Strengthens the Spine, Stretches the Shoulders & Chest. The Morning Practice was led by Manpreet Lamba – Yoga Teacher & Sawinder Negi- Sports Coach! – Ekta Dhawan, Principal



Dear Parents, Students studying in VIII Commendable assisted by Neha Khanna ,engaged in a weekly Reader’s Digest reading routine outdoors, dt 3-10-18. The article selected for reading by the students from September issue of RD was titled ‘ Be a Conservationist’,the read was followed by a meaningful group discussion on how to protect our Environment and become sensitive towards Nature. – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.

PopCO 01

Dear Parents, BLPS students studying in Std: VIII Commendables assisted by Jagdeep-PSA were engaged an Entrepreneurship activity at School this Morning ( Micro business of preparing & selling Popcorn at Break Time ) . Students offer popcorn at a designated station, during the Break time . They lay special emphasis on quality and hygiene. The Student volunteers take on the entire responsibility of execution of this Initiative. This activity is directed at developing good interpersonal and long term entrepreneurship skills. – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.


Dear Parents, Our Kindergarteners Studying in the KG-II Adorables engaged in amusements outdoors.The Kindergarteners played tug of war and jumped on the ropes. Engaging in activities OUTDOORS is rejuvenating for the young students. -Ekta Dhawan, Principal



Dear Parents & Teachers, Our School’s Swimming Team ( Under14, Under-17, under-19 ) participated in the Annual Inter School Competition 2018, held at Phagwara on Dt: 28\09\2018. The event attracted Teams from BLPS and Cambridge international School, Phagwara competing for Top honours.Our Team comprising Mansi, Nitika, Mehak, Mercy, Abhilasha, Kashvi Shanveer, Jaskaran, Madhwan and Sanchit swam well and were able to make the cut – qualifying for participation in the trials for selection of Punjab State Swimming Team .The Team was coached by Sawinder Negi and Ravinder Walia, our specialist Swimming Coaches. -Ekta Dhawan, Principal.


Dear Parents , Students, Studying in Std 3rd Blossom accompanied by Gurjeet Kaur , Form Tutor went on a Study Trip to visit ‘ Jang -e- aazadi ‘ Memorial Museum, this Morning.The Memorial has several permanent exhibitions and galleries, covering India’s freedom movement. On display were wealth of material to help Students research and find a connection with the Struggle for freedom and to identify with and draw inspiration from the brave Men & Women who served the nation throughout the freedom movement. – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.


Dear Parents, Our Students studying in Std 9th A participated actively in a Daily Conversation Session (DCS) this Morning. The title / theme of the interactive conversation was ” Habits to become Successful ” anchored by Q.A.Shah.The conversation concluded with an interesting Q&A interaction ! – Ekta Dhawan , Principal.


Dear Parents, Students studying in Grade VIII C put up a performance on a theme titled ‘ Do not judge a book by its cover’ , during Morning Assembly at School dt 1-10-2018. The performances included Group Poem recitation followed by a Group Dance . Students were assisted by Jagdeep Kaur-Form Tutor. In conclusion, a beautiful story based on the theme was narrated by the Form Tutor. – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.


Dear Parents, Students Studying in Std Grade IV (A,B,C) along with Deepika Handa, Harsimran and Kanchan Sharma – Form tutors practiced Yoga at the Top of the Morning, in School today. Students worked on their body— through asanas & breath work. Students experience rejuvenation— physically and psychologically. The Lessons were instructed by Manu Lamba, Yoga Teacher.- Ekta Dhawan, Principal.



Dear Parents, School conducted a special Interactive workshop for Students studying in grade XI and XII on Dt: 29-9-18. The Workshop was titled ‘ WRITERS Qi ‘. The Interaction was anchored by Anjali Raghbeer, Award Winning Author & Student counselor for facilitating Admission into special degree programmes available at Universities in UK and US. The Student audience was informed about the importance of framing a factual ,dispassionate personal statement as a young individuals voice, as a means to secure Admission into reputed Universities. – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.


Dear Parents, Our Skating Team comprising Gurleen (Std VI) participated in an Inter School Skating Contest at Govt. Sr. Sec. Randhir School Kppurthala. Dt: 28-9-2018. Our Sole Team Member competed with challengers from Teams – MGN School Kapurthala, Little Angel’s School Kapurthala & Cambridge International School, Phagwara . Gurleen displayed proper stance and good fitness . She was good at gliding , cross over turning & measured stopping. Gurleen (Std VI) won her speed racing event making her eligible for participating in the Punjab state-level contest. – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.


Dear Parents, Our Chess Team comprising Divam (Std X) & Anand (Std XI ) participtate in an Inter School Chess Challenge, up against Team MGN School Kapurthala, Swami Sant Das School Phagwara , and Cambridge International School, Phagwara Dt: 28-9-2018 , Our Team displayed good concentration skills and played well thought through moves. The School Team won their respective games . Divam (Std X) and Anand (Std XI), were selected to play in the Punjab State Chess Team Trials. – Ekta Dhawan, Principal. Slogan01 Speech01

Dear Parents, “A clean India would be the best tribute India could pay to Mahatma Gandhi on his 150 birth anniversary in 2019,” said Shri Narendra Modi as he launched the Swachh Bharat Mission at Rajpath in New Delhi. On 2nd October 2014, Swachh Bharat Mission was launched throughout length and breadth of the country as a national movement. The campaign aims to achieve the vision of a ‘Clean India’ by 2nd October 2018.
School conducted an Intra – Class Swaach Bharat Contest Dt: 29-9-2018 which included A) Painting Competition for Grade VI, B)Slogan Writing for Grade VII , C)Essay writing for Grade VIII and D)Speech drafting for Grade IX all based on a Theme titled ‘SWACHH BHARAT MISSION ’ . Participation in the contest sensitized the Students towards & made them aware of the Mission . – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.


DSC_0952 (Badminton)

Dear Parents, Our Badminton Team comprising of Jiya (Std-IX), Kashvi (Std-IX), Ashna (Std-XI) & Arshpreet (Std-XI) clashed with Teams from MGN Kapurthala, Cambridge International School Phagwara & Saffron Public School Phagwara on Dt: 28-9-2018, Our Team displayed Good footwork which allowed quick movement around the court. Our Team demonstrated some good Net Play, backed by Defensive lobs, Drop shots and Smashes. The School Team won its matches, Jiya (Std-IX), Ashna (Std-XI) & Arshpreet (Std-XI) secured selection berths eligible to play in the Punjab State Badminton Championships trials-2018. The team was coached by Mr. R. K Bagga (PGT). – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.


Dear Parents, School conducted a special Interactive workshop for Students studying in grade X. Dt: 28-Sep-18. The Workshop was titled ‘ SUCCESS PATH ‘. The Interaction was anchored by Sandeep Kumar, Vineet Gandhi & Vikas Kumar from M/s. AAKASH Institute. The Student audience was apprised about methodology and techniques to be adopted towards acquiring career success and measures to be adopted to bring dreams to reality. Also, Students Studying in Std VIII and IX were introduced to the concept / informed about the ANTHE 2018 Exam for securing Scholarships. – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.


Dear Parents, Our Kindergarten students assisted by Parinder and Shivani went to ‘Dominos’ on dt 28-9-18 to spend a lively morning, learning about their good food, tasting their fresh ingredients, and of course, making authentic pizza. The kindergarteners loved the aroma of freshly baked Pizza. The teachers apprised the young students about the ingredients and flavours. Ekta Dhawan, Principal



Dear Parents, Students studying in Std VII adorables assisted by Neha  conducted their weekly Reader’s Digest reading outdoors on dt 27-9-18. The article selected for reading  by the students from September issue of RD was titled ‘ Do we need to make Education a political issue’,  this was followed through with some brainstorming over an interesting Q&A session  . Regular reading by Students of useful articles , specially from publications such as RD, helps in developing curiosity ,as well as, reading skills.- .Ekta Dhawan, Principal.


Dear Parents, Our Pre-Schoolers studying in the  Nursery Commendables  were engaged in amusements outdoors,this Morning. Outdoors present exciting opportunities for our Pre-Schoolers when they can engage in any activity of their choice without conforming to any rigid rules and boundaries. They can run, skip, hop and shout and partake in fun activities, without being hassled by any limitations of space when they step out to play. Engaging in outdoor activities  helps  young learners  to make new friends and enhances their interpersonal skills .Ekta Dhawan, Principal  



Dear Parents, Our Kindergartners were engaged in an interesting  activity,this morning – Kindergartners got down to prepare three letter  words with the help of  blocks , duly assisted by their  teacher  Parinder . Blocks remain one of the most important toys for Kindergartners to use in order to develop critical skills for school and for life.  Through block play, our Kindergartners understand the importance of sequence, an important early reading skill. Kindergartners learn language skills and vocabulary as they discuss what they are building. – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.



Dear Parents, School organised a special entrepreneurs workshop for Academic staff members on dt 22-9-18. The conference cum workshop was conducted by M/s. Amway. The conference anchor Satinder Pal Singh appraised the staff members about the essential requirements, strategies and plans that could be adopted as an individual entrepreneur. – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.



Dear Parents, Our Pre-Schoolers studying in Nursery- Blossoms accompanied by their form Tutor Jyoti ,went on a nature walk dt 21-9-18. Our young students are assisted in developing good behaviour that adds to a lifelong endeavour on wellness, in this regard the greatest gift for Pre-Schoolers is to get them to experience the outdoors. The nature walk worked as an appropriate way to stimulate student’s appreciation for the natural world. Students are asked to express what they see, hear, smell or feel & also, Encouraged to feel the texture of rocks, barks of trees, and dried up leaves. These are science experiences for young inquisitive minds. – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.



Dear Parents, School held a special Staff Meeting this Morning Dt-20- 9- 2018 . The meeting was anchored by Ekta Dhawan, Principal. The purpose of the group meeting was to appraise the Team of Teachers about the schedule to be adopted in the Autumn Term, beginning on 27-9-2018. The Team was made aware of the Leave rules, Correction of exercise books , also about their individual roles , duties and responsibilities in context to the various school activities which shall be a part of the Autumn term curriculum . Ekta Dhawan, Principal.

BlogP01 BlogP02

Dear Parents & Teachers , School announced it’s ‘ STAR BLOGGERS’ for the month of August 2018 today. Our bloggers contribute to the weekly ‘Principals blog’ generating awareness about the issues raised. The contributions are an expression of opinions and make people trust in you. Our Teachers Shivani Soin (PGT) & Gurjeet Kaur (TGT) were adjudged ‘STAR BLOGGERS’ – August 2018! – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.


Dear Parents, Our Kindergarteners studying in KG-I Commendables , duly assisted by their Instructor Jyoti were engaged in a programme of Reading, this Morning. The Kindergarteners were introduced to Story reading. Young Students are being encouraged to read,as part of a daily routine with an aim to enhance fluency and retention abilities. Ekta Dhawan, Principal



Dear Parents, Every day, Two kindergarten students act as “greeters” and stands at the School Gate , start their day with a handshake and a smile. All the other students line up to give the greeter a handshake and say good morning before walking into the classroom to take their seats. Our Kindergarten Teacher ( Isha Kashap – Pre-Nursery ) believes that young students deserve a classroom where they know they are accepted and have friends, and this positive interaction at the start of their day can help them learn that. This simple practice makes a powerful difference in her students’ development. The morning handshake teaches the greeter and the rest of the class good manners and that “someone is on their side ” – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.



Dear Parents, Day 4 ( finale ) on the Teachers Training programme was focused on talk and action with an objective to Learn easy yoga poses which can be incorporated into our day for greater health, focus and relaxation. Also, unique guided meditations to discover a taste of the beauty within ! – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.



Dear Parents, Day 3 into the Teachers Training programme ( Dt: 14-9-2018 ) provided participants with practical tools to deal with challenges in almost all spheres of life – whether it is decision making, working in a stressful environment, dealing with difficult people, managing your relationships, or keeping your body and mind healthy and fresh. – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.



Dear Parents, Day 2 ( Dt: 13-9-2018 ) of Staff Training on the ‘Happiness Programme ‘ involved exposure to / experience of Practical Knowledge discussions, designed to make life wiser and more enjoyable & learning about tapping the inner source of energy through breath and meditation. – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.



Dear parents, School held a special training programme for Academic staff Dt: 12-9-2018. The Programme was titled ‘ The Happiness Programme ‘.The Training workshop was anchored by Archana & Raman from the Art of Living foundation. The Training programme was focused on providing resolve to our needs of adequate energy to handle the stress of daily life, inner peace & enthusiasm these qualities shine through naturally by means of Learning the BREATHING TECHNIQUES taught in the Happiness Program – allowing participants to dissolve stress and negative emotions, calm the mind, and uplift our energy, duly supported by practicing ‘Sudarshan Kriya’ with an emphasis on restoring life’s natural rhythm ! – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.


Dear Parents, The Traffic Police conducted it’s Annual training programme about Traffic rules for Schools at our School this Morning , for the benefit of Students Studying in Std 11 & 12.The programme sought to sensitise students to traffic rules so as to check road accidents in the long run. Traffic police personnel explained traffic rules to the students ( Use of Helmet protection + One way Traffic regulations + Parking regulations along highways ). Students were also sensitised about child rights, importance of fitness and yoga, self defence, food habits, eye care during the training. – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.



Dear Parents, On the Occasion of Prakash Divas-2018,Team BLPS took to a Heritage trail to Sultanpur Lodhi( Ber Sahib along side the sacred Bein ), getting to know about Guru Nanak, After Nankana Sahib (now in Pakistan), Sultanpur Lodhi is perhaps the most related to life of the first Guru, Guru Nanak Sahib Ji. – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.



Dear Parents, Our Kindergarteners, studying in Pre-Nursery and Nursery ,assisted by their respective form tutors Isha, Anu, Archana and Jyoti put together an impromptu set of performances at a Special Assembly this Morning Dt: 8/9/2018. The showing consisted of Mock Telephonic Conversation, Janamashtami dance, a Barbie routine & fashion Modelling . The Special Assembly welcomed guests with a rendition of song titled ‘It’s a beautiful Day’. In the audience were Parents of Kindergarteners who seemed overjoyed ! – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.



Dear Parents,  5th of September is Teachers Day – recognizing the contribution made by  teachers in aiding  and molding the social, emotional and physical development of the  students . Our  students studying in Grade XI put up a variety show which included performances dedicated to their teachers. The School buzzed with excitement  all around. Our Head girl- Khushi Walia  drew everyone’s attention to the immense importance of being a teacher and the role they play in children’s lives.The teachers were left more than happy & delighted. Ekta Dhawan, Principal 


Dear Parents & Teachers, Our School’s BASKET BALL Team ( Under 19 ) participated in the Kapurthala Zone-2. Annual Inter School Selection Competition 2018 on 31-8-18. Three schools participated in the Competition. The final matches were played between Government Senior Secondary School, Kherawali vs BLPS, (23-46) . Our School Team comprising Gagandeep Singh, Gagandeep Singh Seera, Ravneet and Kartik were selected to play as part of the upcoming inter district Championships.The students were coached by Sawinder Negi-Sports Instructor. – Ekta Dhawan Principal



Dear Parents & Teachers, Our School’s BASKET BALL Team ( Under 17 ) participated in the Kapurthala Zone-2. Annual Inter School Selection Competition 2018 on 31-8-18. Five schools participated in the Competition. The final matches was played between Government Senior Secondary School, Dhariwal vs BLPS, (20-30) . BLPS secured Top Honours. Our School Team comprising Harman, Sambhav and Shivem were selected to play as part of the upcoming inter district Championships.The students were coached by Sawinder Negi-Sports Instructor. -Ekta Dhawan Principal


Dear Parents & Teachers, Our School’s Swimming Team ( Under14, Under-17, under-19 ) participated in the Kapurthala Zone-2. Inter School Competition 2018. The contest was held Dt: 31-8-18, between Bhuwanipur Senior Secondary School , Kapurthala vs BLPS.This sporting event was held in School at our Aquatic Sports Block. Our School Team ( Shanveer, Madhavan, Sambhav, Jobanpreet, Jaskaran, Sanchit, Naman, Anshul, Gagandeep ) exhibited good technique Actively streamline” the body throughout the stroke cycle through a focus on rhythmically alternating “streamlined right side” and “streamlined left side” positions and consciously keeping the bodyline longer and sleeker . The Team was coached by Mr Sawinder Negi and Ms Ravinder Walia, our swimming experts . -EKta Dhawan, Principal. 
The results are..




Dear Parents & Teachers, Our School’s BADMINTON Team ( Under 19 ) participated in the Annual Kapurthala Zone-2. Inter School Competition 2018. The final matches were BLPS vs Cambridge competing for Top Honors. Our School Team comprising of (Agam, Sidharth and Ravneet) won their respective matches- securing Ist position for the School,at the Competition. Our Team displayed very good fitness , Agility and played some good Smash and Drop shots. The Team was coached by R.Bagga (PGT)-Badminton Coach assisted by Sawinder Negi -Sports Coach. – Ekta Dhawan, Principal.